A Bunch of Amateurs - Character Details

AUDITIONS: THURSDAY 26 MAY 7:30pm-9:30pm Waterbeach School
REHEARSALS: Monday and Thursday evenings from 5 September
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Cast Requirements

Ages are guides only - key points are that Jefferson should be old enough to be a star that is 'past it' and Jessica should be/look young enough to be his daughter. Both need a convincing American accent. Lauren should be in her 30s - 40s

Jefferson Steel

over 50 fading Hollywood star ~ lead part – on for most of the play. Arrogant, brash, insecure, demanding. Becomes aware of his own absurdity and humbles, a bit. Late in the play he gives a brief but surprisingly impressive performance as Lear.

Dorothy Nettle

40-plus ~ Stratford Players director and the moving force behind the theatre group. Sweet, accommodating in manner, but has an inner steel. Takes little care in her appearance. On for much of the play.

Jessica Steel

16-25 daughter of Jefferson – who has been neglected for most of her life and now wants to make him pay for it. Needy and grumpy at times, smarter than her dad. American. On for nearly half of the play.

Nigel Dewbury

middle-aged solicitor – the leading light of the Players. Pompous, stuck up and selfregarding, believing himself to always be the star of the show. He also has a thing for Dorothy and fancies his chances. On for just over half of the play.

Mary Plunkett

40 plus member of amateur group - Owner of the Rectory bed and breakfast, where Steele is a guest. Jolly, generous and an unashamedly adoring fan of Jefferson even if she doesn’t know which film he was in! On for just over half of the play.

Denis Dobbins

40 plus handyman and village Mr Fixit – avuncular but rather dull. Star-stuck by Jefferson Steel. On for just over half of the play.

Lauren Bell

25-40 plus Marketing executive and former physiotherapist. Wife of the sponsor of the play – very smart but treated as a bimbo because of her looks. Nice part as a level head amongst barm pots – about a quarter of the play on stage.

Journalists (3)

any age, minimal speaking roles

All the characters have a big contribution to make to the comedy and the production (hopefully) will be great fun for everyone involved.

Audition pieces are available here or contact juliepet1@icloud.com.

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